The photos that appear on this page are from various nudist / naturist websites and are used to demonstrate the types of activities VFC enjoys.

What is Freehiking?

Freehiking is the act of hiking in the nude. It has gained popularity over the past decade and is rapidly becoming one of the most rapidly growing segments of modern nudism.


Why Hike Naked?

Anyone who has hiked for more than a few hundred feet will undoubtedly remember some piece of clothing that has felt uncomfortable, hot or damp with perspiration. Hiking naked obviously eliminates that, but there is more: there is a connection to one's physical environment while hiking sans clothing that can not be experienced while clothed.

While hiking naked you feel the air and sun, you feel more in tune with your body and many naked hikers report a deep sense of relaxation at the end of even the most strenuous hike.


Is it legal?

The State of Vermont has no state laws governing simple non-sexual nudity. A few municipalities have adopted restrictions, however these are targeted at strip clubs where lewd behavior is common. The Vermont Freehiking Club's event occur in areas where there are no local regulations preventing nudity.




What if a naked hiker runs into a group of clothed hikers?

We are not out to offend anyone. If our members detect other hikers in advance, we cover up so as not to offend. Occasionally there is not time to cover up so the clothed group may encounter a group of naked hikers. We don't bite and we understand that the encounter may be awkward for you - we wont be offended if you don't want to stop and chat!

However, if you discover a naked hiking group and take a few moments to chat with them, you will find that they are regular people from all walks of life that just enjoy the feeling of freedom that nude hiking provides - and chances are they are going to be smiling more than the average hiker!


Is it safe?

While we would not encourage a nude hiker to attempt to jump a barbwire fence, the actual act of hiking is safe. Use of sunscreen is an obvious must as is the use of insect repellant (insects are much easier to detect and tend to be found before they can bite). Because there is an increased physical awareness, naked hikers can transverse brushy areas with few if any scratches.

The Vermont Freehiking Club does not tolerate overt sexual behavior. If someone's poor behavior becomes offensive, they will be dealt with immediately and, if needed, reported to local law enforcement - we have no tolerance for perverts.






Do I have to hike naked?

Nope. We understand that not everyone is comfortable nude and there will be obvious times where the weather will not allow for nude hiking. Maybe your partner want to join and you are not into being nude but enjoy hiking - we would love to have you hike with us anyway!


I have heard that some nudist groups don't allow piercing or body shaving, What about VFC?

While many nudist resorts, clubs and organizations frown upon body piercing and shaving of the body other than that for normal hygiene (i.e.: genital shaving) we view these as an expression of self. Body piercing, tattoos, shaving are all becoming more and more popular in today's society. 

While piercing, tattoos or shaving have little to do with nudism, we feel that not allowing someone to join based upon their chosen form of self expression would be discriminatory.

I am a female who is new to nudism, do I have to go nude the first time?

NO! In fact The Vermont Freehiking Club is actually a clothing optional group. This means that you and only you decide when you go nude. If you don't feel comfortable going nude then stay clothed. We would rather have a wonderful conversation and a great hike with a relaxed clothed person than a strained conversation with a nervous, stressed nude person. 

Because we are clothing optional, this also means that you get to choose the level of nudity you are comfortable with. For example, if you are only comfortable topless, then stay topless. 

The only thing that we ask is that you keep an open mind about nudity and try it when YOU are ready.

Can I bring a guest?

YES! We actually encourage people to bring a friend along.  The only thing that we ask is that you let us know in advance so that we can let our members know that a non-member will be joining us. Guests are encouraged to join in, to their level of comfort, in any event or activity that we have planned. 


I am a single male, can I join?

Yes. We do encourage single males to join with a female counterpart to help balance things out, however single males are afforded the same membership rights. 


If you are interested in joining just to see nude people and maybe pick someone up for a date, please reconsider joining. We are not a dating service, nor are we in business to display nude people for your pleasure. 

The Vermont Freehiking Club reserves the right to revoke the membership of any individual that we feel is abusing the privileges afforded to our membership.

NO means NO! If you ask someone on a date and they say NO, any further requests will be viewed as harassment and membership of the offender will be immediately revoked. 

Is this a safe and healthy place to bring my young children?

Children are natural nudists. They learn and practice respect for the "person" instead of the facade. Living in an open, honest nudist environment helps to educate children and dispel the myths and curiosities they have about "growing up". Naturists tend to look out for and protect all children. It truly is a very safe and healthy environment for children of all ages.

What types of activities does VFC do?

While we are primarily a hiking club, we understand that our members have varied interests and we encourage our members to share these interests with the club. We enjoy nude camping, canoeing, swimming, fishing, bike riding - basically any outdoor activity that you can do clothed, we do nude.


Will nude pictures of me be posted on the internet?

VFC has a strict rule in regards to photographs. We require any face or full frontal shots to have the permission of all parties in the photograph. Photographs from behind, showing no distinguishing features may be taken only after it is announced that a photo will be taken. This allows participants the ability to opt out of the photograph.

If you opt to allow a photo to be used on our website a photo release would be signed prior to it's posting and we would let you see how the photo would be used prior to posting it to the main website.

At no time will a VFC member photograph a minor that is participating in a VFC event unless that member is the minor's parent / guardian. Taking pictures of kids that are not yours is creepy and will not be tolerated.

Members who violate these rules will be asked not to return.


I am a guy who is new to social nudity, what if I get an erection?

This is the most common concern among men. The combination of the non-sexual environment and the unfamiliarity of a first-time nude hiker serves to minimize to the issue.

An erection is a natural part of life and spontaneous erections do occur, and no it does not always mean that the owner is sexually aroused. At times the feeling of freedom, the air flowing over the body and the natural environment will cause an erection.

We realize this and will not take offense as long as you are not being overtly sexual. We also realize that unlike nude beaches where you can roll onto your stomach or jump in the water, hiking a mountain trail just does not lend itself to this type of hiding. If an erection does occur, it will subside rapidly as the hike continues. If you don't make a big deal about it, we won't either and like all things it will pass.

At no time is manual stimulation to achieve or to maintain an erection permissible. If found to be doing this, you will be asked to leave the group.

It is important to note, If there is a chance of encountering clothed hikers and you have an erection, you must cover up as it will only re-enforce the negative aspects of public nudity.